On the virtues of a Mastermind group

Back in the summer at the Creative Freelancers Conference, one tip was repeated by numerous speakers and also by several of my fellow freelancers – get yourself an accountability group. I thought about it, recognized the value of it and ta-da, now I’m actually getting started on it.

I can’t claim the credit for the idea, that goes to the very wonderful Forrest Anderson (who really is the Nate Silver of communications research) who got the whole thing going. However, I can claim the good sense of recognizing that getting together regularly with three smart and funny entrepreneurs is going to have a huge impact on my business.

We’ve just got started but already I’m seeing the value in specific ways:

  1. My fellow Masterminders have suggested some new markets I could approach that are totally in line with where I want to take my business.
  2. I have a real problem with goal setting and planning. It’s not that I don’t want to but…ahem…I really don’t understand the process of going about it. I mean, I understand you set goals and take steps to try to achieve them but I didn’t really know practically what a goal should look like or how to use a plan to get there. I am delighted that two of the Masterminders are expert at this and extremely generous with their knowledge.
  3. I’m inspired by the group. Their commitment to their own businesses is making me re-examine and recommit to mine.

Plus, it’s a ton of fun.

Next step for us is the “Day of Planning”. We’ve carved out a whole day to work on our business plans.  A whole day. I think that this might be the year I actually create a plan that will help me guide and grow my business.

So, thank you to all those smart people in Boston in June. And for anybody hesitating over starting a group like ours, my advice is go for it – you won’t regret it.