So, what can I help you with?

The best communications writing supports your goals by providing audiences with what they need to hear, in a way that resonates with them. I have a knack for getting to the heart of issues
and absolutely no patience whatsoever for corporate speak, none, not even a little bit.

Give me a call if you need some effective and readable :

  •  Case Studies
  •  Articles
  •  White Papers
  •  Web and Blog Content
  •  Newsletters
  •  Brochures
  •  Meeting and Presentation Material
  •  Event Collateral

Do you have a piece that has several contributors from different departments, or that almost works but somehow falls flat? Often a fresh perspective is the key to reviving lifeless or disorganized content and I love to tackle these projects. My secret superpower is the ability to revive content that’s languishing on life support.

Or maybe you need someone to proofread for spelling, grammar or meaning. It’s difficult to do for yourself, so let me bring a fresh pair of trained proofreading eyes to your document. I’ve even written blog posts about proofreading – check out this latest one.

Strategy and Planning:
The foundation of effective communications is a focused plan that clearly links communications to your business strategy and the results you want to achieve.

I’ve got lots of experience in pinpointing effective strategies and developing communication plans that set out what needs to happen, and when, to move your business closer to its goals. I’ve created comms plans for major corporate restructurings and for discrete employee education projects – size doesn’t matter (really!)

I’ve also got experience in web content strategy – planning, creating, and marshaling the content for your new or revamped website through the development and build stages.  That includes SEO and creating maintenance plans for content after the launch.