5 Ways to Say No ( to the wrong clients)

I had a fun time chatting with Ilise Benun who heads up Marketing Mentor and runs the Creative Freelancer Conference that I went to earlier this year.  We talked about how to say no to clients that don’t fit with your business and you can hear the podcast of our conversation here.

The interesting thing for me about learning to say no, and turning down work that doesn’t fit my business model is that it seems to be setting up a virtuous circle. It’s really helped me to focus on what I do want, rather than taking jobs because I’m scared of what might happen otherwise.  I feel that I’m defining my positioning better and making conscious steps towards the business I want rather than drifting, which in turn makes me sound more confident when I’m talking to my right people.

It also means that I’m really focusing my work and building greater expertise in articles, case studies and white papers for technology companies. That doesn’t mean that it’s all I do – but it’s an easy way to explain to people what I can do for them.

All from one little word…


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